Uh Oh! Mom’s Sick Too!

mom's sick

What a week!! Our family has spent the week passing around a nasty respiratory virus. Well, at least three out of the five of us have. It all started last Thursday morning, Liv woke up around 2 am asking for covers. She NEVER uses blankets, she’s my hot-natured little bug. She was shivering.  Uh Oh… fever. She didn’t feel too warm so I thought maybe it was a fluke, so we rolled back over and went to sleep. I got up a few hours later to go for a run, I warned John that she felt feverish in the night and to call me if he needed me. Like he can’t take care of a toddler with a fever? Lucky for me, he understands my particular brand of crazy.

When I got back home my little girl was sitting on her daddy’s lap, with a great big smile and bright red cheeks. Yep… thermometer time.

101… not a good way to start the morning. I gave her some Motrin and turned on Doc McStuffins. She seemed happy, no symptoms whatsoever, so we went ahead with our normal school day.

I was a bit worried about how long the fever would last because we were hosting a big Homeschool Halloween Party the following day, so I messaged all the other mom’s and let them know we’d need a plan B. We all hoped and prayed that Liv would wake up from her nap and be fever free…

No such luck. She woke up at 101 again. Plan B it was… Thank you to my sweet friends for changing the venue and taking my boys to the party so that they didn’t miss out! You girls know who you are and you rock!

By dinner time she had gotten up to 103, oddly enough though, she still had zero symptoms. She didn’t eat much dinner, but didn’t complain of any stomach pain so I felt pretty confident that she’d wake up better after a good night’s rest.

She didn’t. She ran 103 fever all night, and she slept on top of me. John slept in the spare room to avoid catching whatever she was sharing. He is a wise man.

The next morning, we were both cranky… neither of us having much sleep at all. As we sat on the couch together, her with her sippy cup and me with my coffee, she proceeded to throw up all over me. Yay motherhood. That’s when I called the pediatrician.

After one more vomiting episode a gnarly cough set in, literally in the doctor’s office. They tested her for flu and strep, both negative (she had her flu shot a month ago) He diagnosed her with croup 🙁 The nurse tried to give her a steroid in the office, she promptly threw it up. I think kids are like cats in that manner, they can vomit on command or when it suits them or to get out of a test…

Anyway, that was Friday, the day before Halloween. The day that no kiddo wants to be sick. She had the cutest costume this year, Lambie from Doc McStuffins, her very favorite show right now. *So glad her Yo Gabba Gabba phase is over!* I was disappointed that she likely wouldn’t get to wear it.

Friday night went very much like Thursday night did… she slept on top of me, with a fever, and now an awesome cough. All. Night. Long. Yay me.

Saturday morning she still looked puny, but both the boys seemed to be good so I was thankful for small blessings. We continued on with the planned fesitivies, Trunk-or-Treat at church, only daddy had to stay home with Lambie. She helped him pass out candy so it was not all bad.



When the boys and I got home we did a little Trick-or-Treating with Lambie and came home and put the kiddos to bed… after they ate about half of their candy. 🙂

The next day, Sunday, I kept Liv home while John took the boys to church. In the blur that is life with a sick kiddo on a holiday weekend, I completely forgot it was my turn to bring breakfast to Sunday School (sorry Family Life Group!) Liv still felt crummy all morning but I got a ton of stuff done with the boys gone for a few hours.

That night Kaden and Collin had a big play at their Co Op, Olivia wasn’t up for the show so my dad stayed with her… this is how she looked when we left her at 4…

sick girl

I’d say she was still under the weather, wouldn’t you? And she insisted on wearing those socks… all weekend. She didn’t go anywhere, so I figured why fight her on it 🙂 Her way of celebrating Halloween I guess.

The boys did an amazing job in their play. I was so impressed. I was so very proud of all their work, John and I laughed so hard we cried at their mannerisms on that stage. It was awesome!

We got home that night and put everyone to bed, and I was feeling rough. You know that “I’ve had a sick toddler stuck to my side for 3 days and now I feel like I have a fever” feeling? If you’re a mom I bet you do. I went to bed, hoping and praying that I wouldn’t get sick. The next day (Monday) was our 13th wedding anniversary. No one wants to be sick on their anniversary… I went to bed early, slept with a croupy toddler and woke up sick.

The problem with momma being sick is that everything stops. John would have happily stayed home from work if I needed him to but that just didn’t feel right. He’s got a busy, demanding job. I knew it’d be better if he stayed out of the sick ward. So we pressed on.

Monday came and went, Olivia and I both sick and running fevers. By Tuesday Liv was better. No more fevers and only a little cough left. My mother came and got her for a couple days so that I could recoup. I am so thankful to have amazing parents who live 20 minutes away! They are  my life savers!

I spent the next two days laying on the couch watching old episodes of Law and Order SVU and Ghost Busters with the boys, it’s not a bad way to spend your sick days. Knowing the toddler was taken care of (Papa let her eat jelly beans for breakfast but that’s a topic for another post), and that the boys are big enough to entertain themselves I was able to relax. However, by Wednesday, Kaden was feeling crummy. He didn’t have fever but he had the stuffy head and cough that had plagued Liv and I… Luckily his illness only lasted Wednesday and Thursday… kids bounce back so much better than we do!

sick days

So here we are on Friday. Everyone is feeling better, although we all still have a cough. Collin and John seemed to have come out unscathed and we are praying that they stay that way. We got nearly zero school done this week, although I did make the boys do their daily reading and I let them watch their favorite marine biology show on Netflix (We call that sick day science!) so we survived. We got so stir crazy that we all got dressed and went to Target at 9 am today… Just to get out of the house… Then to lunch with Daddy… again… We. Were. Stir. Crazy.

We have some things to make up next week but that’s ok too. We got through a rough week together. I didn’t have to worry about how much school they were missing or if I was going to have to send my sick kids to school because of a test… I know it sounds funny, but that was peace to me. We had no where we had to be, no tests that couldn’t wait, we could just sit home together, with netflix and tissues and get well together. It was the best sick week we’ve ever had. <3

Have a great weekend!


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  1. My daughter and I always spent sick days watching Gone with Wind, lifetime memories. Finding blessings everywhere. Days she and I will have forever!

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