Here we are at the beginning of a brand new year. A blank page in an empty book. I normally do some resolutions but they aren’t attainable.

They tend to go something like this:

1. Loose 30 pounds by February!


yea, that’s pretty much it.

I’m here on January 1st, still needing to lose a good 30 pounds but I’m closing in on 40 years old and my metabolism is dead. I spend so much energy hating my body and wishing I was still in my 20 something body that it consumes me. So this year my resolutions are a little different…

1. I resolve to love this body, no matter what it’s particular relationship with gravity is.

2. I’m going to care for it. It needs to run 3 days per week, I will give it the opportunity.

3. It needs healthy fuel, not diets. Instead of thinking “that’s not on my diet” I will say “that’s not good for my body” diets fail, healthy lifestyles thrive.

4. I will allow my body to have birthday cake when it makes it another year, I will eat frozen yogurt with my kids,  and I won’t feel guilty.

5. I will strive to see me the way those who love me do. Rather than saying “my hips are wide or my belly isn’t flat” I’ll say “my body is strong and that mommy tummy gave me 3 beautiful babies”

6. When I feel empty I will fill myself with God rather than junk food.

That’s it, that’s what I want for this year. This post is short and sweet, and it’s more for me than you. I needed to write it down, I needed accountability.

I pray that if any of you are battling body image woes that you’ll do the same things I am doing. Not because I’m an expert, clearly I am not, but if my struggles can help you too then they are worth it.


So here I am, 1/1/17… about 30 pounds over my healthy weight. I’m going to try to lose, but embrace who I am either way.


Happy New Year Friends <3

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