Dear Mom Who Quit Homeschooling,

dear mom

Dear Mom Who Quit Homeschooling,

Don’t feel guilty. Your sanity matters. Homeschooling children who don’t want to be homschooled is not for the faint of heart. Especially when you have other little ones to tend to. I know you put everything you have into your family, your efforts were not in vain. Your homeschool life was meant to be a season, God has bigger plans now, new doors to open. Be excited for the next chapter, not regretful for the last.

You’re not alone. We’ve all had days where we want to throw our kids onto any vehicle that even resembles the big yellow school bus! Being a homeschool mom is hard, I can’t imagine how you’ve done it this long with all of the commitments and responsibilities you have. You’ve grown a booming business, raised a beautiful, brilliant daughter, kept 2 tiny toddlers alive and still managed to school another child for 3 years. Bravo to you!! You’re a rock star!

You have our support. No one is looking down on you for leaving the homeschool mom clique… at least not from this house. And if any of them do let it go. Your friends will always support your decisions. We know you’re following after God’s heart for your family and we know you’re tired. You deserve to have some sanity back into your life. You’ll always be an honorary member of the Homeschool Mom Secret Society 🙂 You and your littles are welcome at all our events, all of our field trips and all of our momma coffee breaks!

Don’t think of this as giving up. You didn’t fail. You changed paths for your family. You care enough to let go of something you’ve put a lot of time and energy into for the sake of your family’s well being.  For the sake of your own sanity.

On Monday, when your child heads back to school, think of us all, busy and overwhelmed, as you sit drinking your coffee. No lesson plans to keep, no co-op to rush off to, no reading books to find, no papers to grade. And smile. Enjoy the quiet, and maybe say a little prayer for the rest of us.


God’s plan for our lives is ever changing. It’s imperative to stay in tune with His heart. To seek His will. Please don’t judge someone who’s not following what you believe God’s will is for your life. Instead, life them up and encourage them to follow God’s plan for their life. Even if it’s different than yours.


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