Aren’t you afraid they won’t fit in?

fit in

You know the question I hear the most?

“Aren’t you afraid they won’t fit in?” 

What? Really?? Fit into what exactly? Drugs, alcohol, pregnancy, sexual promiscuity? Do I want them to think that everything is acceptable, regardless of how sinful it is just because they want to do it? Nope.

We live in a society that is broken. We have leaders who celebrate sin, laws that endorse sin, and citizens who are so lost that they don’t even know the difference any longer. Our schools are full of violence, both sexual and physical, and drugs. Our schools desensitize our children to the sinful nature of this world. At a very early age they learn that everything is acceptable. Our liberal school system is cranking out tiny liberal people who are going to continue to live the YOLO lifestyle for generations to come.

Not. My. Kids.


I want my kids to stand out.

We raise our kids to stand out, stand up and live for Christ. People assume homeschool families are hyper religious families who are raising little drones who only know how to spout scripture. That’s not the case in most families. Yes, we worship God together, yes, we memorize scripture but we also learn Math, Science, English, Spelling… we read books and we practice multiplication tables. We study this history of this great nation, or at least what it used to be. I show my boys daily how far this country has turned from God. I teach them that our country was founded on Christian morals and I teach them how to continue to live that Christian life in a country who no longer celebrates our Christian heritage.

Do I think I can educate my kids better than the teachers who have been hired to do the job? Of course not. I’m not homeschooling so that my children will be brilliant. I’m more concerned about them getting into Heaven than I am about them getting into college. Life on this earth is fleeting, a blip on the radar. I don’t need my kids to fit into this society so that they can feel accepted while they are here. I want my boys to live a Godly life on this earth, to raise a Godly family and one day spend eternity in the presence of Jesus Christ. That’s our end goal. Not a degree or a plaque on their wall, Not loads of money to spend on material things. Yes, I want them to be successful, I want them to have the things they need in this life, but I know that I have a God in Heaven who will ensure that their needs are met.

The picture I have for my kids is different than what society wants. I want them to grow up serving God and their communities. I want them to love everyone, not just the Godly, I want them to comfort the broken and show Christ to the masses. I want people to recognize that there is something different about them. Something that has nothing to do with their education and everything to do with their relationship with Christ. If my kids grow up to be Godly family men who love Christ and follow after His heart then I’ve done my job. I don’t need a doctor, a lawyer or a president. I need Christ centered people who know their purpose on this earth is far greater than the amount of money in their bank account.

I know that homeschooling isn’t for everyone. It’s an incredibly personal decision that isn’t made lightly. My husband and I are as secure in our decision to homeschool as you are in your decision not to. We have been called to walk this road. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.





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