12 Aug

Plan B

We are headed into year 4 of our homeschool adventure and somehow everything seems different now. Last year was a blur. We had an extra child with us most days, a neighbor who was also homeschooled. He was the same age as our boys so he enjoyed spending time with our gang. He was a good kid and we enjoyed him, but it was stressful at times. Half way through the year we learned that we were expecting Everly, so we began anticipating starting this year with a newborn in tow. I chose our curriculum and set our schedule based around that notion. I even registered Olivia in our church’s VPK program, knowing that the three hours a morning would be a huge blessing with a sleepless newborn.

Then June happened and of course everything changed. That month was such a blur. We started out with All-Stars for the boys… practices and endless hours in the scorching sun watching them play. The team came in second in the district, not too shabby. 10 days later Everly was born. Then she was gone and all of a sudden it’s August. I have to admit, I’m looking forward to the distraction that school will bring. Lesson plans, field trips and busyness. This has always been my favorite time of year, the freshness of the school year, the way it leads right into the holiday season. It’s bittersweet this time around, we’re missing part of the plan. Everly’s Thanksgiving outfit is tucked away in a box in my closet. The swing set we are buying Olivia for Christmas was meant for both of our girls. Life is moving on, but it’s very different than we planned for it to be.

While I am excited to start our year together, I am sad. I miss the plans we had. Olivia will love her VPK class, and that time every day will give me one on one time with the boys. It’ll allow us to get a lot done without the distraction of a 4-year-old… I’m grateful for my children who are here, but I wish our family was complete. I long for a needy newborn, dirty diapers and sleepless nights. Part of us is missing.

On to Plan B.